Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – How to get the Fuse in House Beneviento

Shadow of Rose the new DLC for Resident Evil Village lets us play Rose Winter. We will be covering the secrets of the haunted Village and revisit the Castle Dimitrescu to find the Purifying Crystal.

In this guide, we are going to cover the Horror’s of house Beneviento. Rose visits the Doll House in her memory and we are going to cover how to get the fuse in the doll house.

How to get the Fuse

Fuse is required After you’ve solved the Doll Puzzle in the House Beneviento. You will get the Breaker Box Key from solving the Doll Puzzle. You will progress outside the workshop and you will reach the study. There is a save point outside the study door. There is also, a Elevator down left from the study door.

The Elevator is out of power and there is a breaker box outside the Elevator. You’ve to use the Breaker box key and unlock the box. You will find a Fuse map from inside the Breaker box.

Location for the Fuse

After, you’ve found the Fuse map, you can check it by going in to your inventory. It has marked the route for how you can get to the location of the Fuse. The route is from start to end with a red line.

Fuse map found from the Breaker box

Here is the exact Route you’ve to follow to get the Fuse.

  • Make your way through the study to the back area in study as shown in the map.
  • Cross the back area of study and move down the hallway and take the door to the left in the kitchen.
Mold core in the kitchen
  • Get in the kitchen and there is a mold core on the right passage through the kitchen. Destroy the mold core and move ahead.
  • There is a door on when you walk down to the right.
  • Go inside and you will reach a bedroom.
  • You will find the fuse in a Breaker box there, next to the lamp in the bedroom.
Fuse in the bedroom

After, you pick up the Fuse the bedroom will go dark. Also, note the Mommy is following you this time and She is scaring Rose. Now, you’ve to make you way back from where you came. Get back to the Breaker box outside the Elevator and use the Fuse in that Breaker Box.

NOTE: You’ve to put the Fuse in the Breaker Box and quickly get in the Elevator and Push the button and you’re good to go.

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