Harvestella – How to craft Hammer

In Hervestella you can craft many items like tools, weapons, and also a lot more. Each item needs a specific material to craft. Every item has its own needs.

In this guide, we will discuss how to craft Hammer.

Crafting Table

For every item that you want to craft need a crafting table that is situated in your home. You can access the table and craft the item of your choice. But you need to unlock the Crafting table first.

How to unlock Crafting Table

After the farming tutorial, you are talking with the Cres. The Mayor will appear he will take you home and show you the crafting table and also give you the return bell recipe.

Need of Hammer

When you are farming your fields. You will see they are surrounded by stones like a boundary. You need to destroy them in order to farm and expand the place. So Cres will recommend you craft the Hammer. But you need to get the Stones first. A hammer required 10 stones so you need to find the stones.

How to find the stones

As this is the start of the game you didn’t have many stones in your inventory. So you need to expand the map and visit the area around the map.

Go outside the village to a place named (Njord Steppe). There you have to defeat enemies. These are the plant-like enemies (Level-1). They are easier to defeat after defeating the enemies which will take some time. You will see a chest on the left side of the map. Open the chest and you will receive some stones that are enough to craft the hammer. After getting the stone you need to go to the crafting table to craft the hammer.

How to craft Hammer

After gathering stones go to the crafting table there you will see 10 stones required and 10 minutes time to craft the Hammer. Select the stones and craft the hammer. Hammer will help you to destroy small stones surrounding your farms.

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